Wil de Kroon tree nursery is situated in the village of Steensel, the Netherlands. Steensel is located approximately 10km south of Eindhoven.

We specialise in growing container plants, offering a range of conifers (Chamaecyparis, Juniperus, Picea, Thuja, Taxus) in 2-litre containers. Our site spans over two hectares.

The majority of our plants are grown outdoors on lava-container fields. A small proportion of conifers are grown in a cabrio greenhouse.

Our conifers are grown with care and are available year-round. We strive to deliver our plants to customers in optimal quality.

Our main customers are garden centres, gardeners, Cash & Carries, traders and fellow-nurseries across Europe.

The plants can be delivered with our own photo-label.

We aim to match our range of plants to our repeat customers’ needs in order to build long-standing relationships.

We would be delighted to welcome you at our nursery in Steensel, where you can get a feel for our company and what we can offer.

We sell only to trade.


Our conifers are grown with care.
Growing and supplying conifer trees of the highest quality is our priority.


Our customers can rest assured their orders will be fulfilled properly.
Reliability is implicitly present in our relationships with customers.


Being a relatively small business affords us the ability to respond to customer demands without delay.
Service is a lifestyle for us!

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